Basket Compactor

Dolphin is a Leading Rental Services Company to the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Dolphin Energy Equipment originated in 1992, when its founder recognized a need for quality equipment to handle non-hazardous wastes in the offshore oil & gas industry. Their innovative, hydraulically driven compacting systems have been issued patents by the U.S. Patent Office. Since that time, Dolphin has expanded to include a wide range of equipment, including food grinders, rig soap, and offshore cargo equipment.

Dolphin Cargo Equipment meets the highest standards of certification in the Gulf

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Dolphin has built cargo equipment to the oil & gas industry's highest standards for the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, and is approved by all major U.S. Gulf of Mexico operators. Our designs are approved by an independent third-party engineering firm, and are constructed with continuous sealed welding and galvanized coating to ensure lasting durability.

Dolphin Energy Equipment offers:

  • Offshore Cargo Baskets
  • Offshore Cargo Containers
  • Acetylene and Drum Racks
  • Pipe Slings & Racks
  • Tool Boxes
  • Food Grinders
  • Compacting Systems
  • Compacting Bags

Product Spotlight

Our cargo equipment features a patent-pending pad-eyeless corner, which offers a more stable and secure cable connection than found in any other cargo equipment. When you’re transporting multi-million dollar equipment offshore, you need the most reliable cargo equipment available, which only Dolphin Energy Equipment can provide.


Padless-Eye corner

Custom-Designed Cargo Equipment

Cargo BasketsDolphin also offers custom-designed cargo equipment, for when you need to transport special equipment that won’t fit in a standard container. Our team of engineers will design a container to fit your exact needs and then test it for compliance against the strictest industry standards. All engineering designs for Dolphin’s offshore cargo equipment are certified by a third-party engineering firm.


In addition to its adhering to superior design, engineering and fabrication standards, Dolphin has a continuous inspection and testing program for its cargo equipment that meets or exceeds the most stringent compliance standards in effect. When working Offshore, safety is of utmost importance. Our strict certification program ensures the reliability and safety of all equipment provided by Dolphin.